10 years & 100,000
lobster corn dogs later

Curated by Chicago’s own celebrity chef Graham Elliot, Chow Town offers the most delicious festival food, drinks and sweets from the Windy City’s favorite restaurants. 


It's not only cooking for bands and stuff like that, but it's to showcase restaurants that have a similar philosophy, are inspired by music and are Chicago-based. There are so many independent places that do cool stuff that we want to show 90,000 people every day from all over the world what Chicago has to offer in a cool setting.
You want to incorporate music into the vibe, but it can't be a food expo. Every year we ask, "How do we keep pushing it forward?" and "How do we show Chicago and have the restaurants do little dishes that are almost carnival/state fair-influenced?" You’ve got Bonnaroo and Coachella that do great music, but they don't do the same food deal. We're the only festival that really does anything like that. Because every year food gets bigger and bigger and more important; it's a cool part of Lolla.